MTC Wyview

MTC Wyview
President and Sister Cutler with me at the MTC

Monday, May 12, 2014

Pam's Baptism

February 18, 2014
Hello everyone!  I have had such a good week, this last Saturday was Pam's baptism and it went so well. We were so happy because her mom and her boyfriend were able to be there. The spirit was so strong and we were so grateful that there was so many ward members there to support her. The following Sunday was the same as she was able to be confirmed and again the spirit was so strong. As we were at the baptism it was such a testimony to me of how important this work is! I know that this gospel is what brings people true happiness! 
      Other than the baptism my companion and I  have been trying to find people! Finding is hard, but it's also very rewarding. The ward members have been so great and are just trying to share the gospel and help us to have more people to teach. Getting to know the ward members has been so great. They are so helpful to us missionaries and we always know that we can count on them! 
      I just want to end by saying that I am very grateful for the gift of prayer. We have been talking about that a lot lately and how we can be teaching out investigators to pray and receive answers to their prayers, and I have been learning a lot! I know that as we pray to our Heavenly Father we are asking him to give us blessings that he already has waiting for us! In the bible dictionary under prayer there is a part that says "The object of prayer is not to change the will of God, but to secure for ourselves and for others blessings that God is already willing to grant, but that are made conditional on our asking or them." I definitely know that is true! I know that as we make our prayers more personal and sacred that we will feel his spirit more powerfully in our lives. There really is a special spirit and power behind praying! I think sometimes I even taking prayer for granted just because as missionaries we are always praying, all the time!! I know that as I take the time to really talk with my Heavenly Father that he helps me in every aspect of my missionary work! He wants to hear from us! All the time :). (Alma 37:36-37)
      I love all of you and I hope that you are doing well. Have a great week!! 


Sister Brewster   

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