MTC Wyview

MTC Wyview
President and Sister Cutler with me at the MTC

Monday, November 4, 2013

Not Getting Rid Of Me That Easily ;)

Hello everyone! I hope that all of you have just been doing wonderful. I am so sorry that I am so bad at doing a post every week, but oh well I am a very busy missionary so that is a good thing ;). There has been a lot that has happened so I have a lot to catch all of you up on. It has been crazy, but good!

To start off I guess I will tell you about the crazy thing that happened that has been pretty hard for me lately. Today it has been about three weeks since I found out that my best friend Colt who was serving in Mexico died. It was on Monday that we got a text from President Cutler asking us to go to the mission home so that Sister Cutler could tell me the news. When I found out I was really upset. I was mad and confused. I just thought about his family and friends and how all of them must be feeling. I couldn't imagine how hurt they must feel. Luckily this whole experience has just brought me so much closer to my Heavenly Father. It was hard at first to want to get out and work, but I did. Me and my companion went out and decided to do service for others. We put on some work clothes, grabbed some rakes, and went out asking people if we could rake their yards. Getting out and trying to help others is what helped me to feel just a little bit better. I realized that by turning outwards it was helping me to better get through what was happening. I have since been able to feel my testimony of the plan of salvation become so real to me. The atonement has played such a huge role in helping me deal with what happened and my testimony of that has deepened. I have been able to go out and use that strong testimony to help others. There are days where it is still hard, but I know that I will be able to get through. This trial has been one that has been hard to overcome, but one that I have been able to really appreciate. I know that Colt is happy and that he is in the spirit world preaching the gospel to those who didn't have the opportunity to hear it. I have been able to feel the power of the atonement and become even more like my Savior. He has been here for me every step of the way. I know that with him I can overcome anything that will come my way!
So this past Saturday we found out about transfers. I found out that I will be staying in Brookfield for another 6 weeks :). Me and Sister Reed will also be staying as companions. We have been through a lot together and so I am grateful that we will be getting another six weeks together to get some work done and have fun. I am also grateful that I will be with this ward a little bit longer. By the end of this transfer I will have been with them for about 6 months!! Crazy!! That's a third of my mission all in little Brookfield. My heart is definitely here and so when the time comes to leave it will be very hard. The ward members have become my family. Especially with everything that has happened, I have been able to lean on them so much. I am hoping to just become even closer with them as time goes on. I hope that I never forget them! :)

These past couple weeks me and Sister Reed have been focusing a lot on finding. We have had some interesting experiences where we have been able to really see miracles happen with finding people who are interested in hearing more. Not all of them want to keep meeting with us, but that's ok. Since I have another six weeks we are hoping to find even more people that we can teach.

I am going to be kind of random with this post, so sorry in advance. I wanted to share a funny/cool/short experience that I had the other day. My companion and I were in the mall teaching a lesson to this guy named Larry. When we were done we were saying a prayer and by the time we were done saying the prayer there was another lady standing next to us who just joined in our prayer! She said Amen and then just walked away! I thought it was pretty awesome :)

If any of you were wondering Alex who was just recently baptized is doing AMAZING! She truly has just blossomed so much. She is coming to church every Sunday and is always ready to learn. She has helped me so much to become the kind of missionary that I want to be. Every time that she makes a comment everyone comments on how smart and intelligent she is with her gospel knowledge. She points out things that normally we wouldn't be thinking about. She is just amazing and I am grateful for her. She is also just a great missionary. She is really working with her family to help bring them the happiness that she now has. She brings her niece to church with her every Sunday! She is such an inspiration to everyone.

Well I should probably go now! Oh real quick though there is one other thing that I wanted to share with all of you. Something that I have been learning a lot about :). I have been really studying more about the spirit and how to recognize and feel it. Something that really clicked with me is that the spirit is anything that invites us to do good! How have I not gotten that before?? For some reason now it finally clicked! I am just really trying to listen better to the spirit and trying to really act on what I feel it is telling me I need to do. I know that if I am able to learn this now it will help me so much on my mission and also for the rest of my life. I love Preach My Gospel because it has helped me learn so much about this. Also the Book of Mormon is amazing.

I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week. If you ever have any questions for me please ask! My email and address should be up somewhere for you to find it. I love getting letters, although I don't always write back right away, which I am sorry about! I just love letters though so if you want to send me anything in the mail I would be happy. I hope you have a miracle week :)!

Love Always,
Sister Brewster <3

 Sister Reed and I spent our last P-day in the park admiring the change of seasons!!

 This leaf is about as big as my head!!

 Me and Robin!  She is going to Italy on her mission soon.  I love her :)
 Being a missionary is the best.  I am so excited for Robin, she is going to be a great missionary! ;)