MTC Wyview

MTC Wyview
President and Sister Cutler with me at the MTC

Monday, July 1, 2013

And So It Begins!

Hello everyone! It has been another crazy week as a missionary. Still can't believe that I am a missionary. I don't know if that has fully sunk in yet? Well I made it to Wisconsin safe and sound. Although the trip to get here was a little crazy. There was 36 of us elders and sisters who were together making this journey. We started out on Monday night taking a bus at 7:00pm to go to the front runner. Once we got to the front runner we all hurried to get all our luggage along with ourselves on this train. It was actually kind of funny because while I was trying to help some sisters get their luggage on the doors closed on me! The Elders seemed to get a good laugh out of that, even though it was pretty painful and I think I have bruises! So after riding that for a while we then had to rush to catch the trax train that would take us to the airport. It was pretty comical to watch all these missionaries with their huge things of luggage rushing from one train to the next. When we got on the next train it was smaller and so there was barely any room for us to stand. I just feel for the people on the train who weren't missionries! So after this train we made it to the airport. Unfortunately it drops off far away from our check in counter. I felt like I was running a 20 mile marathon with my luggage just to get to the check in desk! Luckily there was a really nice Edler, Elder Rowden (from England but then moved to AZ! Still has an accent, pretty awesome!) who switched me suitcases because his were a lot easier to just wheel accross the airport. Finally we made it! We got through airport secutrity and at this point were just waiting to get on our flight which left at 12:30. While we waiting all of us rushed to find pay phones to talk to our parents. Luckily me and some of my district were able to find some and I got to call my family. Hearing there voices was so great. I have missed them so much and I am glad I was able to talk to them for how long I did, which was about 2 hours!
Well after I got off of the phone with them I found out that our flight was delayed until 2:30. I thought the Elders were just playing a joke on me, cause we all know how gullable I can be! Sadly, they weren't. Here we were 36 missionaries sitting in the SLC airport exhausted, waiting for our flight, all trying to just find some way to sleep! Me and Sister Arnold, a sister in my distrcit, went to go place a Book of Mormon with a lady that I met in the bathroom. We were able to give it to her and she told us she would read it! After that we were finally able to get on our flight. Most of us tried to sleep on the plane, but I know I didn't get much sleep, because it's pretty hard to sleep on a plane! So after this flight we got into Atlanta, GA at about 8:30 and so we missed our connecting flight. Luckily we were able to all get on a flight to Milwaukee, WI that left at 10:50. While waiting for this flight me and sister Arnold were able to place 2 more Book of Mormons! I was pretty proud of us :). When we finally got on the flight and got to Wisconsin it was about 11 or 12? I can't remember because I was just so tired. Since we were already behind schedule we could only put our stuff at the mission home and then go to the stake center to have lunch and do interviews. Luckily during the interviews us sisters were able to sleep a little. Me and my companion feel asleep on the pues. Finally we had dinner and ended that night with a testimony meeting. It was amazing to hear all of the missionaries testimonies. I feel honored to be able to serve with these elders and sisters. I know that we are going to do an amazing work.
So, the next morning we were all still exhausted! At least we were able to change out of our clothes and shower, which was so nice. Then after getting ready and having breakfast we headed over to the stake center. We went in and were able to meet our new companions and find out where our areas were. My new companion is Sister DeBruin! We are in the Brookfield area, which I guess is close to Milwaukee?? Well anyways, it is a new area for sisters! Leaving the stake center was bitter sweet. I loved my companion from the MTC and my district, but I just hope that we will see eachother again soon. If not we are all hanging out when we come home, so that's good!
Brookfield is gorgeous. It is so green and the houses and so pretty. We don't have any new investigators and so far they have only had one baptism for this year, but we are hoping to change that. I feel like I got put in a pretty hard area for my first transfer, but that's ok because I know the Lord has a plan for me and he put me here for a reason. We have gone tracting and meet some pretty interesting people. We also have a great ward. Yesterday being able to meet all of them at church was so great. They are so nice. They also all told us how much they love sisters, and how much better we are than the Elders ;). I felt kind of bad for the Elders! It was just so uplifting to see all the support that we had, and to see how high their spirits where when they found out there were Sisters now! So for now I have no exciting stories, but I hope to get to work and find those people who the Lord has prepared for me. I am ready and can't wait to see what things are in store for me. I love you all and hope that all of you are doing well. As I look back on the short time that I have been a missionary I am able to see already the tender mercies of the Lord. Everyday my companion and I write down a tender mercy for the day. Most times it is hard for me to pick just one! He is here with me, this is his work, and I am just the tool! I hope all of you are helping the missionaries as much as you can. 
I love you!

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