MTC Wyview

MTC Wyview
President and Sister Cutler with me at the MTC

Monday, June 17, 2013

Know Him, No Fear

Hello everyone! I hope that everyone is doing well back home. I just wanted to update you and let you all know about me and what I have been experiencing for these past few days. The MTC is definitely not what I thought it would be. The days are long and the nights are short. The first day was scary and a lot to take it. Once we got here all of us new missionaries were put into a room where we all together had to already start teaching an investigator!! I was thinking what did I get myself into?!?!? We were taken to three rooms where we talked to 3 investigators. You could tell that we all had no idea what we were doing. Luckily I didn't have to say anything. That would have been a disaster. The first night was hard, but then it just got better!
     My companion is Sister Silcox from Sandy, Utah. She is so amazing, and I am so blessed to have her as a companion. We are able to work well together and get along so well. After meeting her I was able to meet everyone who was in my district. We have four sisters and four elders. We have grown so close together. The sisters are Sister Arnold from Alpine, Utah and Sister Holloway from Fairbanks, Alaska, and the Elders are Elder Neville from Idaho Falls, ID, Dickey from Price, UT, Humble from Springville, UT, and Osborn from Temecula, CA. We spend almost all our time together. We definitely hope to stay close, and are very sad that once we get to Wisconsin we will be split up :(
     So most of the days we spend in the classroom learning. I have great teachers, Sister De Boar, and Brother Griffiths. They both served missions and know their stuff. Sister De Boar has helped me so much. On Saturday I had a really rough day. The elders were able to give me a blessing in the morning, but for some reason I was still upset. I decided to talk to Sister De Boar about it and ended up balling my eyes out (in front of the elders :(  ) trying to explain to her that I was overwhelmed and just not feeling like I could do this. She then decided to tell me the story about the refiner's fire. You have probable all heard it, but I am going to tell it to you again. The story is about how a refiner takes a lump of coal, a big black ugly lump and puts it into a blazing hot fire. He doesn't just keep the coal in there for a while, but for a very long time. He does this until it is shiny enough to see his reflection in it, which takes time. She compared that to me being here at the MTC and while I am out on my mission. She said that Christ is molding me. Helping me so that he can see his reflection in me. He can't just make it easy, I have to be in the fire for a while to be able to become what I need to. This helped me so much, and then the elders were able to give me another blessing.
     The next day was Sunday and it was so great. We got to sleep in by almost an hour! (5:30 is when we normally have to wake up!!) Then we were able to go to relief society and then sacrament meeting. Then we were able to finally meet our branch president who spoke to us for a while. What he spoke on is what gave me the title for this post. Know Him, No Fear. He talked that when we are doubting, feeling homesick, and just discouraged we do not have enough faith. He told us that this work and why we are here is not about us. It's about Christ. It's about our investigators and helping them to build their faith so that they can become closer to Christ. After this lesson I felt so much better. I truly knew that my Savior was looking out for me while I was here at the MTC. So I don't have a lot of time here at the MTC to email so I have to end here. I just wanted to say that I love you all and I ask you to do one thing for me. Look outward, serve others. When you do this you forget about yourself and the Lord will bless you, just like he has blessed me for being out here and focusing outward on the people am I going to be serving. Love you!! Please write me, I know I could use the support :)
-Sister Brewster!! 

P.S. I will be able to send pictures once I get out into the field. Right now I just can't because I don't know how to on these computers, but pictures should be coming soon!  

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